About Regina

Regina is an award winning designer maker of exquisite enamelled jewels. Her work explores the intricacies of the cellular world observed through a microscope combined with traditional Armenian patterns. The jewellery is formed from precious metals with transparent plique-a-jour enamels, which when lit from behind create the impression of tiny stained glass windows. The technique of plique-a-jour uses transparent enamels without metal backing allowing light to intensify the luscious colours used. Each piece is hand filled with a combination of two to three enamel colours and fired, a colour alchemy which means no two pieces are exactly the same. The jewels are decorated with engravings of her Armenian roots, especially ancient manuscripts and interiors.

Aradesi Jewellery sells work through selected galleries and boutiques, trade fairs and exhibitions including The Goldsmiths' Fair. Regina is a graduate of Central St Martins College of Art & Design, where she first developed her plique-a-jour techniques and has subsequently been recognised for her skills winning Design and Craftsmanship Awards from The Goldsmiths'. She is also on the committee of the British Society of Enamellers and has been teaching enamelling master classes in Holts Academy of Jewellery.

Regina regularly designs and makes extravagant individual pieces for discerning clients in her studio. Contact her for more information on this process.